Stopping Over Thinking

  by Rusty Fleischer Every week I receive a very interesting newsletter from Truman Medical Center, here in Kansas City. The name of the newsletter is “Resiliency Register-A weekly dose of strategic support for those who seek to foster a creative and trauma sensitive culture.” It has some very valuable information although I don’t always […]

The NFL and Anger Management – A Response

In a column published on the Forbes website, Roger Groves writes about the NFL and its recent problems with domestic violence -( Jerry Medol, the director of Anger Alternatives, responds: Mr. Groves states in his commentary that,”…anger is the root cause and common element of all these crimes against humanity, be it against a woman or […]

The Power of Compliments

by Rusty Fleischer – As many of you may know, I often enjoy sharing “Sole Pancake” videos. Aside from their unique approach and interesting way of presenting various topics, it often aligns with the work we do and our “attitude”. Recently I discovered their series “The Science of Love” and I fell in love with […]

The Passive-Assertive Framework

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director – PAF© is a testing tool developed by Anger Alternatives Inc.  It teaches men and women dealing with anger attitudes and behaviors to develop emotional literacy, establish personal limits and boundaries, and recognize their own authentic personal power. The Passive Assertive beliefs are: ALL BEHAVIOR IS LEARNED. Anyone BEHAVING in […]

“Anger is a Signal and One Worth Listening to!” – Dr. Harriet Lerner

by Rusty Fleischer – As I have mentioned before, at Anger Alternatives we are great fans of Dr. Brene’ Brown. We deeply admire her work and easily connect to what she says. It was interesting to learn about someone she greatly admires and was a source of inspiration to her and the work she does, […]