Tommie’s Story – The difference between Anger Alternatives and other programs

Tommie, a past client in the Stoppit Program, tells us the difference he found between Anger Alternatives and the other programs he tried. He goes on to tell us the difference it made for him and what he found in it.

Talking with Jerry – What choices do you have when you are angry?

Jerry Medol, Anger Alternatives director, talks about the choices we have when we are feeling anger. The difference between reacting or responding to our feeling makes all the difference.

Talking with Jerry – How is Anger Alternatives different from other programs?

Many people who come to our program from other groups remark how different it is. In this short video, Jerry Medol discusses why.  

Back to the Basics

“Anger is a feeling that tells you that you are hurt and you don’t want to be hurt. Something you don’t want is happening or something you do want is not happening.” Anger is not rage, violence or abuse. Those are behaviors and as our definition says, anger is a feeling. Another “basic” of ours […]

The NFL and Anger Management – A Response

In a column published on the Forbes website, Roger Groves writes about the NFL and its recent problems with domestic violence -( Jerry Medol, the director of Anger Alternatives, responds: Mr. Groves states in his commentary that,”…anger is the root cause and common element of all these crimes against humanity, be it against a woman or […]