In-Service Presentations

Contact us if your organization or group is interested in hearing first hand about dealing with stress and using anger creatively.

Anger Alternatives offers presentations for professional staff, support groups, faith-based organizations, adult education programs and others who would benefit from anger and anger-related behavior management education.

The Gift of Anger Workshop

Cultivating the Positive Aspects of Anger

Anger is about what we don’t want. When we learn not to react to anger and look at it as a mirror, it identifies what we do want.

The Gift of Anger is to be able to go after what you want instead of fighting with what you don’t want.

In this workshop participants are taught to interpret anger’s message as an expression of need and use it creatively as an avenue for recovery.

Topics covered are:

  • Demystifying Anger or “What Anger Accomplishes”
  • Addressing Different Forms of Anger
  • Discovering “Wants” in Order to Use Anger Creatively

The workshop is appropriate for professional staff and consumers who want to address anger issues in themselves and others at deeper levels.

Respect-Based Relationships Workshop

Stress in relationships can undermine trust, intimacy and health. It can cause distance and isolation and a general unhappiness. Anger is the common denominator for all of these factors and is probably the most misunderstood of emotions.

The intention of this series is to learn how to recognize the anger in stress and use it creatively in making choices, identifying needs, sharing wants, and setting limits and boundaries. We will be looking at respect and safety as the vehicles for building respect-based relationships.