The Passive-Assertive Framework

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director –

PAF© is a testing tool developed by Anger Alternatives Inc.  It teaches men and women dealing with anger attitudes and behaviors to develop emotional literacy, establish personal limits and boundaries, and recognize their own authentic personal power.

The Passive Assertive beliefs are:

  • ALL BEHAVIOR IS LEARNED. Anyone BEHAVING in any way learned to do so at some time 
  • Actions and behaviors you choose are usually the best you know under the circumstances 
  • Any behavior can be a problem if it has become hurtful, counter- productive, abusive or destructive to yourself or to another 
  • Confusion is natural and exists in between old things that are not working well anymore, and new things that are not yet fully developed 
  • Early exposure to shame, rage and violence is a traumatic experience that causes all living creatures to get “stuck” emotionally 
  •  Emotional “stuckedness” caused by trauma will stimulate fear and reactionary behavior whenever that trauma is re-stimulated 
  • Persons acting out anger as shame, rage, violence, or other forms of control, create legal and social consequences for themselves and others 
  • Skills that develop and support assertive, non-aggressive behavior can be learned and can reinforce positive behaviors and contradict scripting, aggression, violence and shame

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