Talking with Jerry – What choices do you have when you are angry?

Jerry Medol, Anger Alternatives director, talks about the choices we have when we are feeling anger. The difference between reacting or responding to our feeling makes all the difference.


  1. JeffBlankenship says

    i have a lot of anger toward my family’s . i need help . please . respond

    • JeffBlankenship says

      i cant stop bing angry about my moms suscide . and cant help to react to anger . please im about or have already lost my family .i dont no what else to do

    • Hi Jeff,
      I am deeply sorry for your loss. I hear your pain and honor you and thank you for reaching out.
      Being angry is Ok. It is a feeling that tells you that you are hurt. It is the behavior connected with the anger that is problematic.
      You do need to be able to talk about your loss in order to reach a point where you can accept what you are feeling.
      You can contact me at 816-753-5118 and we can discuss what you are dealing with and see how we can best support you.

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