The Medol Model

The Medol  Model™, was developed by and based on the life and professional experiences of Jerry Medol, sociologist and founder of Anger Alternatives. It is a time-tested, results-proven process teaching tools and skills to accept, interpret and re-direct anger.

Based on the belief that the anger is healthy and it is the anger-related behavior that is a challenge, there is a need to learn to separate the feelings from the anger-related behavior.

The Medol Model™  is a three stage process as follows:


  • Accept the anger feelings in yourself and in others.
  • Validate the feelings.
  • Separate the anger feeling from the anger-related behavior. It is the anger- related behavior, not the anger feeling that presents the problem.
  • Accept that it is OK to be angry.


  • Identify your signs and signals- Road, Body and Mind Signs.
  • Listen to the message in the anger feelings.
  • Ask “What is not OK.”
  • Ask “What do I want?”
  • Look at the wound and the loss, not at the symptoms.


  • Stay in your power by not letting your emotions control your behavior.
  • Use de-escalation tools to effectively step back and dis-engage.
  • Use effective communication skill to be able to express what you want and to be able to listen in an empathetic and compassionate way.


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