The NFL and Anger Management – A Response



In a column published on the Forbes website, Roger Groves writes about the NFL and its recent problems with domestic violence -(

Jerry Medol, the director of Anger Alternatives, responds:

Mr. Groves states in his commentary that,”…anger is the root cause and common element of all these crimes against humanity, be it against a woman or a child. Controlling the anger is the goal.”

That’s too simple Mr. Groves. You are right and wrong. Anger isn’t the root cause of this behavior. Reactionary behavior, the anger related behavior and lack of accountability is the cause and the common elements in the behavior. Anger is the feeling. It is reasonable to be angry if there has been any inappropriate hurt or an avoidable injury.
The question is rather if men who are trained and encouraged to be aggressive and violent, can learn to discipline themselves to separate their feelings from their behavior.

I strongly believe that is possible because I have been doing exactly that for 40 years in Anger Alternatives programs in Kansas City. We specifically teach men and women who have had anger related issues, including violence, how to use their anger as a constructive and powerful tool.

Let me know what you think about Mr. Groves’ article.

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