Stopping Over Thinking

Over thinking


by Rusty Fleischer
Every week I receive a very interesting newsletter from Truman Medical Center, here in Kansas City. The name of the newsletter is “Resiliency Register-A weekly dose of strategic support for those who seek to foster a creative and trauma sensitive culture.” It has some very valuable information although I don’t always have the time to read it through. Today I did and what I want to share with you is an article written by Dr. Kelly Neff entitled “8 Ways to Stop Over Thinking”. As once being a “certified over thinker”, (and still can get caught in the act) it really caught my eye. This time I read it to the end.

Much of what Dr. Neff writes aligns with what we teach at Anger Alternatives and is very supportive of lowering the levels of stress and anger in our lives.

So once you have read the article, without over thinking it, share your thoughts with me.

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