“Anger is a Signal and One Worth Listening to!” – Dr. Harriet Lerner

by Rusty Fleischer – As I have mentioned before, at Anger Alternatives we are great fans of Dr. Brene’ Brown. We deeply admire her work and easily connect to what she says. It was interesting to learn about someone she greatly admires and was a source of inspiration to her and the work she does, […]

When Managers Attack – A Critique

by Jerry Medol – Director – Dr. Andrew Hill, lecturer in sports and exercise science in the University of Leeds’ Faculty of Biological Sciences, led a study on why some sports coaches engage in outbursts of anger. The article, “When Managers attack: Coaches who care about pundits’ opinions worse at controlling anger”  was published in the […]

What is “Staying In Your Power”?

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director – Frequently when we talk about “staying in your power” at Anger Alternatives, participants in our trainings and workshops give us a very confused look. The confusion usually originates from not understanding the difference between “power” and “control”. So before I talk about “staying in your power”, here is a […]

Signs Of An Anger Problem

You may have an anger problem if:

You were disrespected as a child.
You show disrespect for others or yourself.
You act on feelings without thinking.
You blame others for how you feel.
You do not know how to tell somebody when you are hurt.
You use addictive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, sex, work, etc.) to avoid feeling.