Fight or Flight: The Physiological Response

by Rusty Fleischer and Jerry Medol Anger is the body’s fundamental physiological response to a perceived threat to you, your loved ones, your property, your self-image, your emotional safety or some part of your identity. The “fight or flight” response prepares your body to fight or flee from a perceived threat to your survival. It […]

Clearing the Air in Your Company – a Critique

Julian Hall, Director and Founder of Calm People, wrote an article in Business Matters, a UK magazine, titled, “Do You Need to ‘Clear the Air’ in Your Company – and How do you do it?” Here is an excerpt from the article and Jerry Medol’s response. I used to coach a Managing Director who ruled by […]

It’s All About Attitudes – Part 1: Addictive

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director, and Jerry Medol, Director – Starting this week, we will begin a series of articles on what Anger Alternatives refers to as “attitudes” and how they affect our behavior. According to Wikipedia, there is a debate about a precise definition of the word “attitude”. Carl Jung describes it as a […]

Don’t Be So Scared of it. It’s Okay.

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director – Recently someone called the office requesting to speak with Jerry. He was referred to us by one of our clients. He told Jerry that he would like to “meet” with him by phone and find out more about what we teach at Anger Alternatives. Jerry gave me his contact […]

Anger as an Identity

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director On one of my visits home, to Israel, Jerry joined me and while we were there we did a number of workshops on anger. It is not a surprise to say that there are a lot of angry people in Israel. What was surprised us with realizing that many Israelis […]