What are Your Stress Beliefs?

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director –

TED (conference)


As many of you know, I am a great fan of TED Talks and use them frequently as a source in our blog.

Today I viewed one of the most eye-opening talks ever presented by Dr. Kelly McGonigal  on  “How to Make Stress Your Friend”, a new way of looking at stress.  DUH!!!!????

By bringing some of the most recent research done in the field, Dr. McGonigal has, on one hand, totally shattered a well-established belief of mine that stress is bad for you. This is also part of our teachings at Anger Alternatives.  On the other hand she has firmly strengthened another belief, the basic human need for connection and support. (Thank you,  Dr. Brene’ Brown.)

And yes, it is about choices, trusting yourself and changing beliefs, all of which connects to our work.

This new look at stress is a biggie and it does have me curious.  I will watch this Ted talk again and do some research on the topic because it a great relief to know that I can choose to see my stress in a positive way and use it to my benefit. Gee, that sounds a lot like what we say about anger! 

How To Make Stress Your Friend

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