Back to the Basics

“Anger is a feeling that tells you that you are hurt and you don’t want to be hurt. Something you don’t want is happening or something you do want is not happening.” Anger is not rage, violence or abuse. Those are behaviors and as our definition says, anger is a feeling. Another “basic” of ours […]

Why are Men So Angry? A response from Anger Alternatives

A recent article by Jessica Valenti in The Guardian put forth some ideas on why Men are so angry. What follows is the response from Jerry Medol, Founder of Anger Alternatives. It’s worth reading her article to fully understand this insightful response. “Why do Men get Angry?” A Response Like so much of what is […]

The view of Violence in St. Louis from the Anger Alternative position

In this post, Jerry Medol, the founder of Anger Alternatives, responds to the additional violence in the St. Louis area as written about in this US News article The right or wrong of this young mans shooting death is being obscured by the drama the community feels and is bringing in the emotions surfacing after the […]

Buddhists view on letting the anger out. Anything wrong with that?

A recent posting on Buddhism Beta blog asked this question: “I know the Buddhist view on anger is to see it for what it is and let go of it, but some people see it as suppressing the anger and keeping it in, so they claim that letting it out is a better way to […]

Health Effects of Unhealthy Anger

by Rusty Fleischer, Program Director – Unhealthy Anger is anger you react to, when you let your anger feeling control your behavior. There are many consequences and negative effects to unhealthy and unaddressed anger. One of those is the danger of a heart attack or stroke. Not only is this a true danger, we have […]