Buddhists view on letting the anger out. Anything wrong with that?

A recent posting on Buddhism Beta blog asked this question:

“I know the Buddhist view on anger is to see it for what it is and let go of it, but some people see it as suppressing the anger and keeping it in, so they claim that letting it out is a better way to get rid of it. It works for them.   So, is there anything wrong with that from a Buddhist’s standpoint?”

 Jerry Medol, founder of Anger Alternatives, took some time to respond from his unique and experienced point of view with this answer:

This is a updated conversation on the age old presription for parents to send children or angry adults to hit a pillow with a tennis racket or hit a tree with baseball bat. In my experience with anger education over 35 years I say without hesitation that hitting an object and any act of violence in the process of controlling an anger or a rage outcome is self defeating. The initial act can feel satisfying, which is deceptive and misleading. In fact the behavior is an arming device that connects the emotion to a physical act and can escalate the outcome rather than be an effective diversion.

A much more effective technique is to familiarize yourself with your anger signals, those emoitonal, verbal and body related changes that happen to you, and learn how to honor yourself and your needs when under stressful conditions. We teach these skills at anger.org – Anger Alternatives. Jerry Medol, Director

You can see the whole exchange and many other answers here.

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