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This month, you’ll notice two more bloggers in our carnival. We welcome back Nancy Oglesby, who returns from a hiatus to weigh in from the nutritional coach perspective. And we’re thrilled that Rusty Fleischer of Anger Alternatives has joined our blogging community. Nancy and Rusty join regulars Nancy Steele, Alicen Ronan and me to bring you a carnival of articles that will educate, inspire and motivate you. Enjoy!

Our topic this month is: November 1st is National Give Up Your “Shoulds” Day. A “should” is anything you think you should be doing, but aren’t. “Shoulds” lead to stress, guilt, misery, despair, decreased confidence and mayhem. To kick your “shoulds” to the curb for good, read on…

The Shoulds in Our Shoulders

Posted by: Nancy Steele, Energy-Balancing Facilitator and Self-Help Instructor utilizing the art and philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu

Description: November 1st is National Give Up Your “Shoulds” Day and we need look no further than our own shoulders. Learn how you can lighten the load of your shoulds and ease the burden.

Click here to read “The Shoulds in Our Shoulders”

November 1st is National Give Up Your “Shoulds” Day

Posted By: Alicen at Former Fitness Flunky

Description: Does the word “should” make you rebel? Kick your “shoulds” to the curb and change your mindset about how to look at your fitness. When you don’t feel obligated to do things a certain way you’ll be able to make lasting progress and changes.

Click here to read Give Up Your “Shoulds”

Don’t Be So Scared of it. It’s Okay.

Posted by: Rusty Fleischer, Program Director, Anger Alternatives

Description: Many of us have been taught that you “shouldn’t” be angry and if you are, you “should” keep it to yourself. At Anger Alternatives we believe that anger is healthy. It is the anger-related behavior that is the problem and you can learn tools and skills to use your anger in a positive and constructive way.

 Click here to read Don’t Be So Scared

I Should …

Posted by: Nancy Oglesby, Certified Holistic Health Coach, HealthWorksKC LLC

Description: Articles often advise that it’s best if you stop the ‘I shoulds’. This practitioner disagrees and invites you to not only hang onto some of them, but encourages you to get up close and personal … and with good reason!

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Are You “Should-ing” on Yourself?

Posted by: Judy Widener, Inner Frontiers Life Coaching

Description: From your early childhood, your family, friends, school, the media have been telling you who you should be, what you should do, what you should want and how you should live.

When you believe a should, you’ll invest all of your time and energy trying to fulfill some vague ideal of who you should be. You won’t stop to question whether or not you even agree with the underlying premise it’s based on—much less, if the should is helping you be the person you aspire to be.

I’ll walk you through the process of questioning and re-defining your shoulds in a more healthy way.

Click here to read “Should-ing” on Yourself


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