Celebrating Love – February Blog Carnival

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This month we’re celebrating love, in all its forms. February is the month of Valentine’s Day, National Random Acts of Kindness Week, Celebration of Love Week and International Friendship Week.

My Magical Mug

Posted by: Nancy Steele, Energy-Balancing Facilitator and Self-Help Instructor utilizing the art and philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu

Description: I received a mug as a gift. It is a beautiful mug, and seems ordinary enough. Except … it’s not. It’s magical!

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Integrated Well-Being

Posted by: Rusty Fleischer, Program Director, Anger Alternatives

Description: I strongly feel that all of those topics such as “Celebration of Love Week” and “International Friendship Week” are connected and that love and friendship are definitely elements of “integrated well-being”, the last stage of skills development on the Medol Model™ Anger Continuum.

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Giving…Your Way

Posted by: Judy Widener, Inner Frontiers Life Coaching

Description: Are you feeling jaded about the increasing commercialism of Valentine’s Day? Instead of grumbling about it, you can shift your attention to creating what you want to experience with your family, your friends and your beloved: a joyful connection with others that’s more in line with what feels authentic to you.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, February hosts International Friendship Week, Celebration of Love Week and Random Acts of Kindness month, three outstanding opportunities to spread loving kindness around like warm butter on a baguette.

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