Elements of Emotional Intelligence

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by Jerry Medol, Program Director –

In November of 2011, Dr. Marcia Sirota wrote an article in the Huffington Post outlining the 12 elements of Emotional Intelligence.  You can read the full article here: http://ow.ly/uUTrc

Our Director, Jerry Medol, has comments about this article:

There are many ways in which we can improve our ability to relate to other people and improve our own interpretation and acceptance of day to day affairs. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to read and interpret our own emotional needs and experiences, and learn from that awareness how to manage our lives in beneficial ways.

All of the qualities Dr. Sirota identifies are good principles for any person to use to improve themselves. However it is also possible to pick and choose which of those qualities to focus on first and which to emphasize in daily practice.

In order to grow and live a better and perhaps a more effective life, it is not necessary to throw out the old and find a new way of being. There are good things about all of us. Selective change is a good path to follow.

Learn to make one change at a time. An excellent and reasonable way to start is to examine your intentions and decide what qualities you would like to improve. Appreciate yourself and accept that finding and identifying intentions is a big move all by itself. The effort to change is a success in itself and whatever you accomplish is gold.

If change interests you, first examine the qualities Dr. Sirota identifies and choose which areas in which you need improvement. Learning to do something different that embraces change and is a major task.

Finding your intent is good and healthy. Implementing change and growing can be wonderful and life altering. If we can be of any support, call 816.753.5118 or write us at rustyfl@anger.org.

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