Empowerment – A TED Talk by Janine Shepherd

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by Rusty Fleischer –

Empowerment is a topic that has been close to my heart, particularly self-empowerment. To me it is about giving power and strength to yourself or to someone or something else. It is overcoming challenges, adversarial conditions and going against all the odds in order to create a better life.


Each week, into my inbox, I receive a TED Talk. Most of these videos deal with empowerment in one of its shapes or forms. I find these videos greatly inspiring and uplifting and I am left in total amazement to discover and re-discover the strength, fortitude and determination of the human race in groups or as individuals.


This TED Talk, presented by Janine Sheppard, is a true story of a young woman who against all the odds, with great strength of mind and mental fortitude, overcame all the odds and created a new life for herself when her old life was destroyed in a tragic bike riding accident.


I invite you to view this beautiful video and share your thoughts on Janine, her path of self-empowerment and her amazing accomplishment.


 A Broken Body isn’t a Broken Person


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