Anger related behavior is always accomplishing something, although what it accomplishes may not be healthy or obvious. Behind the anger feeling is a history of wound, hurt or loss. Anger related behavior is a distraction from the need that is not being met.
Men and women who have learned how destructive their behavior is are in need of supportive resources to make the necessary changes to establish respect-based relationships and move on with their lives.
Anger Alternatives is a non-shaming educational program teaching tools to build and maintain respect-based relationships.
We teach men and woman the tools to manage their anger in non-violent and assertive ways that are both creative and productive. Skills that develop and support assertive, non-aggressive behavior can be learned and can affirm inherent qualities, and contradict scripting, aggression, violence and shame
At Anger Alternatives we believe that:
All behavior is learned
Anyone behaving in any way, learned to do so at some time.
Actions and behaviors we choose are usually the best we know under the circumstances.
Any behavior can be a problem if it has become hurtful, counter-productive, abusive or destructive to ourselves or to another person.
Confusion is natural and exists in between old things that are not working well and new things that are not yet fully developed.
Early exposure to shame, rage and violence is a traumatic experience that causes people to get “stuck” emotionally.
Emotional “stuckedness” caused by trauma will stimulate fear and cause reactionary behavior whenever that trauma is re-stimulated.
Persons acting out anger as shame, rage and violence create legal and social consequences for themselves.
Anger Alternatives teaches tools to heal the wounds we carry and stop the wounds we create.