Individual Training

One-on-one with a personal trainer, learn to manage anger-related behaviors by transforming reactions into responses and taking responsibility for your behavior. Discover and manage your anger triggers, and develop strategies to respond to anger-related behaviors. Learn to use your anger in creative ways that help you be clear and communicate your needs and wants, and listen to the needs and wants of others.

Couples Training

Working together and separately, each partner learns to take responsibility for his or her behavior. Change those parts of the relationship that cause tension and may lead to stress, abuse or domestic violence. Together, learn to recognize and meet individual and shared needs inside and outside of the relationship.

Family Training

Family scripts are passed from one generation to another. Anger behaviors often pass from parents to children. By working with families, we have an opportunity to break these patterns and help parents and children stop the cycle of anger behavior.

Phone and Skype Consultations

Meetings and interviews done by telephone or Skype (video) allow for personal one-on-one virtual consultations.

This service is suited for clients living outside of the Kansas City Metro area, for local clients who cannot reach our office, or for those who prefer virtual education.