Anger is Healthy

Anger is a healthy, normal response to a perceived threat. Everyone feels anger. The challenge is to change the destructive behavior that such a response often brings.


Anger Alternatives is an educational program that gives people tools to control their anger-related behavior and replace destructive habits with positive ones. We use the Medol™ Model to teach people to stop reactionary behavior and accept, interpret and re-direct the anger by separating the emotional feelings from the behavior.

Our tools and trainings are an alternative to the traditional therapeutic and medical approach to anger management. We show people how to recognize anger and control their reactions to it, and clarify what they want and what is reasonable.

We help people cope with their anger and learn the needed skills for healthy communication, responsible behavior choices, and respect-based relationships.

Our program provides training for couples, families, and individuals. We can do the training using phone and Skype consultations as well for people outside of the Kansas City area, or those who prefer online education.

We offer in-service presentations, workshops, and support groups. In our Resource Library, there are several whitepapers for download, as well as videos and podcasts. In addition, we offer Self Tests on anger in the workplace, childhood anger, and relationship anger.