Family and Relationship Anger Self Test

Family & Relationships Self Test


With your friends and family, do you...

Act without thinking?

Do you spend time thinking about things without acting on them?

Do you get defensive if somebody gets angry with you?

Do you assume others should act in a certain way?

Do you feel a need to solve other people's problems?

Do you need to feel you are successful?

Do you cut yourself off from someone for long periods of time if you feel hurt, angry or unsafe with them?

Do you interrupt others while they are talking?

Do you or have you used sex as a weapon?

Do you feel at times like you are a victim?

Do you make the same mistakes over and over again?

Do you usually put others first in your life?

Do you feel you are treated by others as if you are incompetent?

Do you hear your parent's words coming from your mouth when you are stressed or angry?

Do you worry a lot and are you unable to stop worrying?

Does worry become a source of stress or anger for you?

Does shame and guilt more or less mean the same to you?

Do you withdraw or isolate when you get angry?

Does the fear of change keep you stuck in certain relationships?