Childhood Anger Self Test

Childhood Anger Self Test


As a child was it bad or wrong for you to be angry?

Did you feel disrespected?

Did your parents show respect for each other?

Did your parents yell or criticize when they were angry?

Did your parents withdraw or isolate when they got angry?

Did you withdraw or isolate when you got angry?

Did you experience rage or violence?

Did you feel criticized?

Did you have difficulty getting along with your parents or siblings?

Did you feel that you were  judged by your parents or siblings?

Did you lose a sibling or parent (as a child) ?

Did you feel unsafe, physically or emotionally, in your parents' home?

Did you need to succeed in order to be loved and cared about?

Did you feel that love was conditional?

Did you think that anger and rage are the same thing?

Did you feel ignored or not listened to by parents or siblings?

Did you feel dominated, controlled, or limited while growing up?

As a child, did you feel abandoned or betrayed by a loved one?